About me

Well, this is my new blog. I’d like to say it’s for my family and friends, but it’s not. It’s for me and you, my readers. I’ll be sharing this page on my anonymous social media accounts, but I hope no-one I knows finds my blogs.

To introduce myself, I am Tracelyn. I’m a nerdy 24-year-old woman. I’ve recently had my heartbroken and lost my job – typical Bridget Jones style. Thankfully in the time that I lived at home with my uncle and grandma, I managed to save up some money. So now, I want to make my fortune by gambling online or in casinos. If this dream doesn’t come true, I want to make sure I have a great time travelling around Europe.

Yes, readers, I am going alone. But, you know what, I love spending time on my own. After such a horrendous heartbreak, I feel that I need this time to reflect on myself. I’ve always been surrounded by other people – from school, straight to University and then right into an office job. I’d been with my boyfriend since I was just 14. Ten whole years of my life are now down the drain! But hey, single life has some perks right? I can download those apps I was always interested in and then never got the chance to use, being in a relationship and all.

I first want to hit up London, Paris, Prague and Istanbul. I’ve heard the gambling in London is phenomenal, the men in Paris are flirty, the architecture in Prague is to die for and the food in Istanbul is delicious. After this trip, I’ll be a new person, ready to sit back down in an office chair, earn the money I need and hopefully have a new man on my arm.

If you, my readers, have any tips of places I should visit, then please send them to me in the comments. I will be documenting my life in a journal-type style and spending time enjoying my passions of gambling, food, flirting and fun!

I’ve been winning big on a lot of online casino websites recently and have a huge interest in sports betting too. But, will it be the same for me in the big casinos? Follow along on my journey and let me know if you have any of the same interests, or love casinos too!