What You Need to Know About Monaco and Monte Carlo

One of the places on my own personal bucket list is Monte Carlo. As some of my loyal readers know, I am a gambler (though, sometimes, I prefer the term ‘gamer’). Because of this, I would like to try my luck in Monte Carlo. Sometimes online games and bets are not enough. If you share my passion, you can learn more about William Hill and other sites, but that is up to you. Back to the subject at hand.

It struck me that I need to learn more about this enchanted place before I get there, lest I commit some unforgivable faux-pas. With that in mind, here are seven things that you need to know about Monaco and Monte Carlo.

You Can Gamble (If You’re Not a Local)

Gambling is not only allowed in Monte Carlo – it is promoted. The Monte Carlo Casino is one of the most famous establishments in the world. Even if you are not into gambling, the Casino is one of the most fascinating tourist attractions in the region. While you can enter as a tourist for a little over 10 euros, you can’t take any photos. Curiously enough, local residents are not allowed to gamble. This is a luxury reserved only for the tourists. Go figure.

Should I Tip?

In my travels, I have discovered that tipping is not the same everywhere. Some countries have a fixed percentage that is included in the final bill. Others don’t like to be tipped. Monaco is not terribly peculiar on the issue. You should probably not tip the hotel staff, as their services are normally covered by the bill. When it comes to public services, however, you are more than welcome to express your gratitude. Don’t overthink the percentage thing.

What Public Transport?

If you are planning on seeing the sites, there is no need to take a taxi, or even a bus. It is very small and if you are even in moderate shape, you can cover the entire area in a few hours. If you do need to rest your legs a bit, I recommend taking the Bateau Bus, or the public bus. Taxis are just too expensive and not really worth the bother.

Dress Code in Monaco

Don’t worry, you will not be asked to cover your head or anything like that. However, some people get confused with the idea of Europe and go risqué where it is not only unnecessary, but forbidden as well. Remember that the beachwear is, as its name states, for the beach. It doesn’t matter how cute you look, or how proud you are of your body, there is nothing of the sort allowed within the town. While you are not required to follow the black-tie dress code to visit establishments, it doesn’t hurt to try some of your more fancy options.

Getting In – How and When?

If you have a European or American passport, you will not need a visa. Otherwise, consult your country’s relationship with Monaco before booking a ticket. If you’re coming from France, you can take a taxi or train from Nice. If you have been to Europe before, you are already familiar with the currency.

In terms of time, most tourists visit Monaco during the summer. Your best bet is to try anything from May to October, as the weather might be too cold or unmanageable outside that time frame. However, if you like visiting places offseason and don’t mind getting chilly, you are more than welcome to have a great time.