Exploring London in a Day

Do you have only one day to visit London? Sure, the idea of seeing all the wonderful attractions this city has to offer may seem daunting, but you’ll be able to visit plenty of London’s sights even in such a short period of time. So, here are a few places you shouldn’t miss out if you have only 24 hours to explore London.

Visit the Tower of London

If you are a fan of the TV show Game of Thrones, you’ll fall in love with the tower of London. This iconic castle was home to much scheming, plotting and betrayals that George R.R Martin’s epic tale pales in comparison. The tower of London has survived the test of time for nearly a thousand years, meaning that this castle complex is older than most countries.

You should take your time and spend at least three hours here, exploring all the notable sites, from the tower itself to the crown jewels. While you’re exploring the tower of London, you should take a couple of pictures of Tower Bridge, the most famous bridge in London.

The South Bank and London Eye

Once you’ve crossed on the other side of Tower Bridge, you’ll bump into the South Bank, named like that because it’s located on the south side of the river Thames.

As you head west along this beautiful river, you’ll find yourself passing sights such as the London City Hall and HMS Belfast — one of the most significant military museums in London.  

You’ll also be walking past the Shard, the infamous recreation of the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and the Millenium Bridge. After you cross the bridge, the road will lead you straight to St.Paul’s cathedral and the world-famous Tate Modern Art Gallery.  

Once you’ve finished the sightseeing tour at the Tate Gallery, you’ll find yourself walking around the corner, where you will behold the Houses of Parliament and the giant London Eye. If you’re close to the London Eye, it would be a travesty not to take a spin on the wheel and marvel at the sight as the city unfolds in front of you.  

Visit a Good Old London Pub

Anyone who visits London should take the time to experience the classic British ambience and visit a nice pub. If you want to take a bite, try out an English classic — chips, a nice piece of fish, and ale pie.

Enjoy a pint of some drink hand-pulled from a wooden handle and admire the decor that has kept its appearance for hundreds of years.