5 Apps to Enjoy with Your Pet

I love apps. I often have to uninstall old ones in order to test out what’s new on the market. There is a ton of things you can do with different kinds! There is more to them than just getting a promo from Heart Bingo, you can even include your pets into your fun. Here are five fun apps that you and your pet may get a kick out of.

Cat Fishing 2

Okay, full disclosure: I don’t have a cat (yet). However, I just love them. While I haven’t used this app myself, I’ve seen it in action. Basically, it is a video game for your kitty. It provides your feline friend with the opportunity to put those hunting instincts to good use. The fish appear on the screen and the faster your cat swipes at them, the bigger the score and harder the difficulty. Think Fruit Ninja for cats. It keeps their instincts in check and you can take a crack at it as well.

Cat Sounds

If you want your cat to get confused, your dog excited, and your gerbil utterly terrified, Cat Sounds is the app for you and your pet. It isn’t too flashy, and the title says it all. You have a collection of cat noises that can prank your pets or make you go:”Awwwww!” With a hundred audio clips to choose from and regular updates, this app will provide you and your pet with some fun.


In all fairness, this one isn’t so much about fun as it is about safety. If you have a dog, or two, you are used to them begging for table scraps. Sometimes you give in to the temptation, but sometimes they don’t wait for your permission. This is where iKibble comes in. You can check the food your dog ate and see whether it’s fine or not.


I love walking my dog. That being said, sometimes I get swamped at work, or there is a bunch of things that need to get done right away. I can’t bug my neighbors to do it for me. This means that I’m a target demographic for Trottr, an app that finds certified dog walkers in your area. You can schedule the walks, choose the walker, and even track where they are going.


The last app is designed for situations when you can’t take your dog for a walk. This one is great if you are leaving town for a few days. Dog Vacay helps you find a local sitter to take care of your four-legged buddy until you come back. You can even have a meeting with the sitters before you choose the right one for you. They can take care of your dog at their home or yours.