Top Things to see in Washington

Washington state in America is the place where most of the power is, and surely the one state in which the whole world knows about. If ever you happen to stop by, visiting the most popular sites would be something to check out. You don’t want to miss out on the greatest history in America and have nothing to tell from your experiences. Walk among portraits, structures, books, flowers even, and let your worries go free. These places are definitely a sight worth seeing. Loaded with history and beauty it’s a place that everyone should see at least once. It’s too good of an opportunity to pass up the chance to see these. Let’s see the most loved places that everyone is talking about.

The White House

The US presidents are known to have lived in The White House which makes it so much more famous. Standing strong since the 1800s, this historic building has been renovated and lived in for hundreds of years. If you fancy a tour of The White House, make sure to contact the right people a long time in advance before your actual date. Also, make sure to not get too disappointed because tours have been known to cancel quite frequently even if you’re already there. Just look and learn at the history before you and you’re sure to have a good time.

Lincoln Memorial

There are many places to go, but the Lincoln Memorial is one of the best. You get to see a very large structure of the president Abraham sitting upon a chair. There is also some powerful wording that have been written into the wall that he spoke of. If you’re wondering when would be a good time to go and visit for yourself, anytime would be a simple answer. However, if you go in the Summer months, going at night is probably a good idea. Not only will the lights showcase the Memorial and Abraham, but the temperature is fairly reasonable and you can enjoy the fantastic array of lights upon it. It is surely a sight to look upon day or night, and is one of the most loved areas to visit. Most likely someone you know has visited here because of its popularity.

Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is actually made up of 3 buildings and is known as the biggest library in the whole world. Over 1 million books reside in here including other items such as pictures and maps and other miscellaneous pieces. Only if you have the professional position at being a researcher can you check out the books, but that shouldn’t take any of your fun away from walking among the place and seeing the beauty with your very eyes. Thomas Jefferson’s main area is also a part of this place and you can take a tour here any day except Sunday. Just make sure that you have the visiting hours correct, because each building has a different schedule.