Best Places in the World for Football Fans

When we think about sports, like football, sometimes it makes you wonder- can I go anywhere else in the world to celebrate my favourite game? Well, the answer is fairly simple- yes! If you are very passionate about football and in some cases, that is all you can think about, you are in luck! There are many places far away and maybe closer than you think that are filled with like-minded people around the globe who share the same passion for your favourite sport. Travelling is a great way to make friends and have your experience of football much more fun. You will get to see new surroundings and are sure to have new favourite players as well. Let’s take a look.

Munich, Germany

Germany should be a must-visit place on your list, for in this country, football is the most popular sport here! Munich is one of the most successful places that you can find referring to football. Even compared to the rest of the cities around the world, it still holds as one of the best. Many people use the Betway Promo Code 2018 as well to increase their chances with betting. You would fit right in, alongside others enjoying the same thing.

Liverpool, England

Liverpool is well known for their love of football. Their Liverpool Football Club has won many cups and titles, one could say they are one of the best. Back in 2017, they once made it to being known as the eighth most valuable club in the world. That in itself is a very highly honorable feat. Seeing these games is surely one to talk about for years to almost anyone that you see. No doubt over half the population of the world will have heard about it.

Glasgow, Scotland

In this city, football is considered the most popular among the people. A little fun fact is that the stadiums here are the biggest in the whole country- a lot more people come here than anywhere else in the country to group together and cheer. It was also recorded in history in the whole of Europe over how many people attended a game here. If you ever travel to Scotland, you cannot miss Glasgow.

Milan, Italy

In the history of the World Cup, Italy is one of the most successful teams that have participated. If you support the top players, you should consider visiting, for some of the best are here. Architecture is not the only thing that has charming effects, it’s also the games that will sweep you off of your feet with their great performances. Their great stadium is called Giuseppe Meazza which is not just entertaining to look at, but to also sit down and watch your favorite game!

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

If you ever happen to chance on by Brazil, be sure to stop by and give Rio De Janeiro a look! Here is where most of the fans and love for football is. The Maracana stadium is the home for the football lover in this country, and there are definitely some times where more people than expected attended. Just because it is not the biggest city in the country, it for sure does not mean that it is not the hotspot for your favourite game.