Travelling around the UK – best spots to visit

When talking about the UK, people tend to assume London is the best and only thing worth seeing there. While it’s a major tourist destination due to its vibrant nightlife and historical landmarks, there are lots of beautiful places to visit in Great Britain other than the city capital.

Our aim is to draw attention to them and give you a few ideas for the trip of your dreams in this gorgeous country. We’ll also talk a bit about London because after all, it is the capital, but that’s the not main focus of the article.

Hitting all of the destinations we’ll talk about next can be quite expensive especially if you come from overseas. You could earn some extra cash here at VIP bonus to supplement your trip budget. You’ll be able to afford nicer hotels and better food. After all, the UK is not a cheap place even outside of London.


This is probably the next most visited location in Britain after London, considering that more than 40 million people come here every year. The county is a heritage rich place attracting a certain type of tourists, namely those who want to know more about the history and architecture of this country. The second group of people who come here are those who love nature. The sheer beauty of Yorkshire can be admired by foot on its green hills or by bike on its country roads.


This is where you feel you enter an era long gone. The villages and towns of Cotswolds have lively festivals and interesting museums. It covers about 800 square miles across 5 counties: Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire. Wolds means rolling hills, so you pretty much get what you’ll be seeing here. In fact, it’s the biggest of the 38 AONBs (Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty) you will find across England and Wales.

By visiting in the winter, you escape the crowds, but you lose the amazing green scenery. It’s best to come in the summer even though you’ll have to share it with many other tourists. Still, you could reach a compromise and go in the autumn when you’ll have a quiet atmosphere and you’ll catch the amazing mix of leaf colors.


The main characteristic of this region is its 300 mile long coastline with dunes and cliffs. There are plenty of harbors dating back to the Middle Ages. Don’t miss the oak-forested creeks that are reachable by foot. You can do some water sports too, for example surfing, bodyboarding and swimming with seals. There are a few basking sharks, but they don’t pose a danger to humans.

If you love art, Cornwall is renowned for its artistic heritage. Lots of painters and sculptures lived here amazed by the majestic view of the coastline and the cerulean blue sea color in the winter.


And last, let’s dedicate a few lines to the capital city that everybody wants to see: the majestic London. Here you’ll admire colossal infrastructure projects like the Crossrail, skyscrapers like the Embassy Quarter and of course buildings that are hundreds of years old like the Buckingham Palace. No trip to London is complete without a photo of the Big Ben and the Tower Bridge, a huge bascule and suspension bridge built toward the end of the 19th century.