One Night in Prague

I only had one night in Prague and, let me tell you, I was sad to see the back of it! I left Paris and messed up my train times completely. In the end, I had to take a bus instead. This was a horrible situation to be in, but thankfully, I slept on the floor of my German friend’s apartment.

Being alone can really suck, especially on a 14 hour overnight bus ride, thankfully I had my trusty European data allowance and played online casino games most of the time! But, as soon as I stepped off the bus, I was in love with the idea of Prague. I booked myself into a beautiful hotel, dropped my bags and headed to the main square. Here, I was astounded by the beauty. It was getting dark when I arrived, so I grabbed myself a funny little funnel like cake from one of the many stands and walked around the centre of the city until nightfall.

I didn’t get a chance to visit any of the casinos, but I did get to eat amazing goulash and more of those delicious cakes. What are they called, readers?

I went to the Hemingway bar alone in the evening. The cocktails here were great. I always wondered what to do when I was in a bar alone, especially as I was seated, but thankfully, I was sat next to a group of women. We got chatting and let me tell you – this one night in Prague was something special. It ended with three people I barely know sleeping in my bed with me, it was a squeeze but we were so exhausted after a night of drinking and wandering around.

During my one night in Prague, I saw a lot more than I was expecting. I checked out the; Franz Kafka monument, the beautiful bridges, we hiked around the city and were whooping and laughing all night.

Have any of you readers had a good time in Prague? Let me know what you got up to! I didn’t take many photos as the lights were dark, but I want to see some touristy pics!