Why London is the place to be

 Hey folks! I’m back from London and all I have to say is – you HAVE to go. The city is absolutely awesome. Casinos galore, museums everywhere, culture right in front of your eyes and better yet – all the best foods from around the world, delivered right to where you STAND.

I spent a few days in Grosvenor Casino – The Victoria London. I met a guy called John and we hit it off. I chose this casino because it had a rating of 4.7 on Google Maps – so I hopped on over and those punters before me weren’t wrong! But, after I met John, we went to a steak house and…

So, the next morning, I walked through Hyde Park and was playing a few online casinos to try and win some cash for the rest of my travels. I admired the beautiful greenery, tucked away in the heart of a city – you’d never know. The Serpentine lake is also a beautiful addition, with Londoners sitting all around, I almost felt like one of them!

After Hyde Park, I did a little tour of the city, I made it as far as St. Paul’s Cathedral before I had to pop into a Starbucks (home comforts!) and grab a cold latte macchiato. Delish! John was texting and calling all day, but I don’t think it’s worth pursuing. Afterall, why catch feelings, when you can catch flights?

So far, London is THE place to be and perhaps my favorite European city. As I said before, you HAVE to go. Here’s my summary of top places to go in the city:

Hyde Park
Grosvenor Casino – The Victoria London
St. Paul’s
The British Museum (it’s FREE! Thanks Britain)
Monmouth Coffee
Palace of Westminster – this whole area was great to explore
Westminster Cathedral