Tips on Playing Football for Girls

You may hear that it is not feminine. Some will tell you that there are easier ways to become popular. But, let’s face it, that isn’t what this is all about. Besides, if promotions like the William Hill offer give punters the ability to bet on your sport, then you can be sure it matters.

Now, how to become a football star if you’re a girl? That is the idea behind writing this piece. Stay strong, believe in yourself, and good luck!

Football Camps and Clubs

In truth, there might not be as many football camps for girls as there are for boys. If you don’t mind playing with boys and the coaches don’t have a problem with it either, you may want to try applying for one of the football camps and clubs that boys frequent. This is, of course, an option you are not required to take. Preferably, an existing football camp for girls is definitely a better option.

You may get discouraged by the price of joining and playing football at these. The price comes from the fact that the coaches are investing their time into educating you on the proper way to play. If you are not able to afford to join a club, it is time to try out some other options.

Practice Alone

One of the challenges you will face is the lack of clubs, money, or even people willing to play football. Until one of these conditions changes (and even then) it is a good idea to practice kicks, tricks, and keeping your body fit.

Look up practice sessions online. Create a small obstacle course that you must get through with your ball. Instead of shooting at a goal, find a smaller target, like a bag that you can hang from a goal post. If you can hit it using different angles and power, you are on the right track. As you improve, make things more challenging for yourself.

Watch the Games

Look at the best players in the world. It doesn’t matter if they are guys or girls, you are likely to pick up a few pointers that you will be able to use later in your football career. Trick shots, powerful kicks, and avoiding getting tackled are all useful skills on the pitch. Learn from the best to be one of the best.

It might also be a good idea to read up on the exercises and daily tasks your favorite athletes set out for themselves. Copy the good things, but remember that each body is different. Just because it works for some of them to be vegetarian doesn’t mean you should starve yourself, for example.

Looking Up Leagues

If you are unable to join a professional team at home, consider studying abroad. The US, for instance, is one of the countries where women’s football is really popular. One of the downsides is that you may have to start calling it soccer.

Do not be afraid to reach out to local leagues. See what it takes to join them and figure out later whether you want to stay with them or move on to something else. If you are determined, hardworking, and lucky, you’ll be on your way towards becoming a football player.

Tips For Going to Vegas on a Budget

When thinking about the places in the world you can visit on a budget, Las Vegas most likely won’t be the first destination that comes to one’s mind. Las Vegas is widely known for its lavish casinos and luxurious hotels, like the Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino, one of the most famous hotels in Vegas.

This world-class complex is owned by Caesar’s Entertainment Corporation, one of the leading entertainment promoters in the gaming industry. This corporation owns over 50 land-based and online casinos that are prevalent across the US, which is why it’s hardly a surprise that Caesar’s Casino Online codes can be found all over the web.

There are plenty of cool things to do in Vegas besides gambling. Even if you’re not spinning the reels on the casino floor, you could be blowing your cash in the city’s five-star hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants, elite nightclubs, and designer boutiques. However, you don’t have to be Bill or Melinda Gates to enjoy a trip to the City of Lights. Having a blast in the Sin City is still an option even if you’re on a tight budget.

So, here are our top tips for making the most out of your Las Vegas trip by saving money on transport, food, entertainment, and more.

Fun Things to Do in Vegas on a Budget

You can easily have a lot of fun by visiting world-renowned attractions in Vegas down the famous Strip — watch the gondoliers at the Venetian, see the pyramids at the Luxor, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge in New York New York or visit the botanical gardens at the Bellagio; all that without spending a dime on slot machines. You can also pose by the Las Vegas sign and take a couple of pics with your buddies or check out vintage neon signs on Fremont.   

Money-Saving Entertainment

Las Vegas is renowned for hosting shows performed by world-known artists, from music superstars like Britney Spears to international table virtuoso Zakir Hussain. Buying tickets in advance can take a blow on your budget, but you can also purchase discounted tickets from one of nine Tix4tonight outlets that are spread through downtown and along the Strip. Note that they sell tickets only for the performances that are taking place that day, so you can’t know which of them will be available.  

You can also check out the explosive volcano show at the Mirage, erupting seven days a week. The show features incredible special effects, and if you stand close enough, you can feel the heat of the flames as the volcano galvanizes the atmosphere.

While you’re in Vegas, it would be a shame if you don’t visit one of the greatest modern day engineering marvels — the Hoover Dam, located a few miles outside the city.

Downtown at Fremont Street, you can watch the free Viva Vision music and light show in the evening. There are also live duelling piano performances taking place every night in bars at Paris, Harrah’s, and New York New York.

What You Need to Know About Monaco and Monte Carlo

One of the places on my own personal bucket list is Monte Carlo. As some of my loyal readers know, I am a gambler (though, sometimes, I prefer the term ‘gamer’). Because of this, I would like to try my luck in Monte Carlo. Sometimes online games and bets are not enough. If you share my passion, you can learn more about William Hill and other sites, but that is up to you. Back to the subject at hand.

It struck me that I need to learn more about this enchanted place before I get there, lest I commit some unforgivable faux-pas. With that in mind, here are seven things that you need to know about Monaco and Monte Carlo.

You Can Gamble (If You’re Not a Local)

Gambling is not only allowed in Monte Carlo – it is promoted. The Monte Carlo Casino is one of the most famous establishments in the world. Even if you are not into gambling, the Casino is one of the most fascinating tourist attractions in the region. While you can enter as a tourist for a little over 10 euros, you can’t take any photos. Curiously enough, local residents are not allowed to gamble. This is a luxury reserved only for the tourists. Go figure.

Should I Tip?

In my travels, I have discovered that tipping is not the same everywhere. Some countries have a fixed percentage that is included in the final bill. Others don’t like to be tipped. Monaco is not terribly peculiar on the issue. You should probably not tip the hotel staff, as their services are normally covered by the bill. When it comes to public services, however, you are more than welcome to express your gratitude. Don’t overthink the percentage thing.

What Public Transport?

If you are planning on seeing the sites, there is no need to take a taxi, or even a bus. It is very small and if you are even in moderate shape, you can cover the entire area in a few hours. If you do need to rest your legs a bit, I recommend taking the Bateau Bus, or the public bus. Taxis are just too expensive and not really worth the bother.

Dress Code in Monaco

Don’t worry, you will not be asked to cover your head or anything like that. However, some people get confused with the idea of Europe and go risqué where it is not only unnecessary, but forbidden as well. Remember that the beachwear is, as its name states, for the beach. It doesn’t matter how cute you look, or how proud you are of your body, there is nothing of the sort allowed within the town. While you are not required to follow the black-tie dress code to visit establishments, it doesn’t hurt to try some of your more fancy options.

Getting In – How and When?

If you have a European or American passport, you will not need a visa. Otherwise, consult your country’s relationship with Monaco before booking a ticket. If you’re coming from France, you can take a taxi or train from Nice. If you have been to Europe before, you are already familiar with the currency.

In terms of time, most tourists visit Monaco during the summer. Your best bet is to try anything from May to October, as the weather might be too cold or unmanageable outside that time frame. However, if you like visiting places offseason and don’t mind getting chilly, you are more than welcome to have a great time.

Exploring London in a Day

Do you have only one day to visit London? Sure, the idea of seeing all the wonderful attractions this city has to offer may seem daunting, but you’ll be able to visit plenty of London’s sights even in such a short period of time. So, here are a few places you shouldn’t miss out if you have only 24 hours to explore London.

Visit the Tower of London

If you are a fan of the TV show Game of Thrones, you’ll fall in love with the tower of London. This iconic castle was home to much scheming, plotting and betrayals that George R.R Martin’s epic tale pales in comparison. The tower of London has survived the test of time for nearly a thousand years, meaning that this castle complex is older than most countries.

You should take your time and spend at least three hours here, exploring all the notable sites, from the tower itself to the crown jewels. While you’re exploring the tower of London, you should take a couple of pictures of Tower Bridge, the most famous bridge in London.

The South Bank and London Eye

Once you’ve crossed on the other side of Tower Bridge, you’ll bump into the South Bank, named like that because it’s located on the south side of the river Thames.

As you head west along this beautiful river, you’ll find yourself passing sights such as the London City Hall and HMS Belfast — one of the most significant military museums in London.  

You’ll also be walking past the Shard, the infamous recreation of the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and the Millenium Bridge. After you cross the bridge, the road will lead you straight to St.Paul’s cathedral and the world-famous Tate Modern Art Gallery.  

Once you’ve finished the sightseeing tour at the Tate Gallery, you’ll find yourself walking around the corner, where you will behold the Houses of Parliament and the giant London Eye. If you’re close to the London Eye, it would be a travesty not to take a spin on the wheel and marvel at the sight as the city unfolds in front of you.  

Visit a Good Old London Pub

Anyone who visits London should take the time to experience the classic British ambience and visit a nice pub. If you want to take a bite, try out an English classic — chips, a nice piece of fish, and ale pie.

Enjoy a pint of some drink hand-pulled from a wooden handle and admire the decor that has kept its appearance for hundreds of years.

5 Apps to Enjoy with Your Pet

I love apps. I often have to uninstall old ones in order to test out what’s new on the market. There is a ton of things you can do with different kinds! There is more to them than just getting a promo from Heart Bingo, you can even include your pets into your fun. Here are five fun apps that you and your pet may get a kick out of.

Cat Fishing 2

Okay, full disclosure: I don’t have a cat (yet). However, I just love them. While I haven’t used this app myself, I’ve seen it in action. Basically, it is a video game for your kitty. It provides your feline friend with the opportunity to put those hunting instincts to good use. The fish appear on the screen and the faster your cat swipes at them, the bigger the score and harder the difficulty. Think Fruit Ninja for cats. It keeps their instincts in check and you can take a crack at it as well.

Cat Sounds

If you want your cat to get confused, your dog excited, and your gerbil utterly terrified, Cat Sounds is the app for you and your pet. It isn’t too flashy, and the title says it all. You have a collection of cat noises that can prank your pets or make you go:”Awwwww!” With a hundred audio clips to choose from and regular updates, this app will provide you and your pet with some fun.


In all fairness, this one isn’t so much about fun as it is about safety. If you have a dog, or two, you are used to them begging for table scraps. Sometimes you give in to the temptation, but sometimes they don’t wait for your permission. This is where iKibble comes in. You can check the food your dog ate and see whether it’s fine or not.


I love walking my dog. That being said, sometimes I get swamped at work, or there is a bunch of things that need to get done right away. I can’t bug my neighbors to do it for me. This means that I’m a target demographic for Trottr, an app that finds certified dog walkers in your area. You can schedule the walks, choose the walker, and even track where they are going.


The last app is designed for situations when you can’t take your dog for a walk. This one is great if you are leaving town for a few days. Dog Vacay helps you find a local sitter to take care of your four-legged buddy until you come back. You can even have a meeting with the sitters before you choose the right one for you. They can take care of your dog at their home or yours.

Top Horse Races

True lovers of equestrianism know that horse races make a huge part of it. It is something that can make or break a bloodline, and many a Thoroughbred has seen its fair share of tournaments and events that made its price skyrocket or plummet. The pedigree greatly affects the offers from bookmakers, as well. So, what are some of the most prestigious horse races?

Kentucky Derby

Held once a year in, you’ve guessed it, Kentucky, this event is the grand finale of the Kentucky Derby Festival. The racetrack is Churchill Downs, and the Grade I stakes race lets Thoroughbreds face off against one another. What separates this race from other similar events is the fact that it is often called the Fastest Two Minutes in Sports. The track is 2 kilometers, or 1.25 miles, long.

For the champions among champions, it is but the first hurdle toward achieving the Triple Crown. The second and third stages of the Triple Crown are also on this list. They are the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes.

Preakness Stakes

This stage is held every May. Another name for the race is “The Run for the Black-Eyed Susans” because the theme of the blanket adorned by the winner is the pattern of yellow flowers that look like black-eyed Susan. It is interesting to point out that the flower representing its predecessor is the rose.

A curious fact about Preakness Stakes – the race is technically older than the Kentucky Derby. The first race was held two years before “The Run for the Roses”. It is also shorter – 1.9 km.

Belmont Stakes

The last leg of the Triple Crown is also the longest of the three – 2.4 km. It is also represented by a flower, since the blanket that drapes the winner is covered with white carnations, making this race known as “The Run for Carnations”.

Belmont Stakes is the oldest of the races you can find in the Triple Crown. These three races made history when a Thoroughbred stallion named Secretariat won the first Triple Crown in over two decades.

The Grand National

This race is a little bit different from the rest you have seen on this list. First of all, it’s a steeplechase, a race where horses are expected to jump over obstacles like ditches and fences. It is also the most popular race of its kind, with fans naming its famous obstacles. If you are still skeptical, ask any equestrian about Becher’s Brook, the Chair, and the Canal Turn. By now you may have realized we are talking about the English Grand National, not to be confused with the American Grand National.

To compete, a horse must be at least seven years old, have a rating of over 120 issued by the British Horseracing Authority, and already have a few tops spots in a big 3-mile race. The only horse to ever win both the British and the American Grand National was Battleship, a Thoroughbred that is the progeny of the famous Man o’ War.

Breeder’s Cup

Last, but very far from least, on our list is the Breeder’s Cup. There are fourteen different races for different categories, depending on whether the horse is a stallion or a filly, as well as the type of the course horses are expected to run. The races have one thing in common, though – they are all Grade I Thoroughbred horse races. In other words, the best of the best compete.

The races shift their location every year, though it is almost certain that they will be held in the US. The only time the Breeder’s Cup was held somewhere else was in 1996 when it graced Canada with its presence.

Top 5 Online Casino Websites

There are hundreds of online casino websites available on the internet today, but not all of them are reliable and secure, so I decided to browse through the latest casino sites and compile a list of the top 5 greatest online casinos for you.

When sifting out the best casinos, I focused on those that offer the highest number of games, the most enticing bonuses, loyalty programs, the newest innovations, timely payouts and fast withdrawals, and more. And speaking about attractive bonuses, we recommend checking out the new Pennsylvania iLottery, which has some great promotions for its users.

At number five sits SlotoMania Casino, a very popular social casino website that works on all major platforms, including Windows, Android, iOS and Amazon. It offers gamers a wide variety of themed slot games and fun mini-games, all wrapped in amazing graphics. Some of the strong points of this internet casino include the 10,000 free coins you receive when you first log in, the fast banking options, great micro-transaction system, and the countless bonuses and promotions.

Number four is occupied by Jackpot City Casino. This website welcomes gamers with more than 500 casino games and an enticing $1600 welcome bonus. But don’t get fouled, though, as you won’t receive the money right away. Instead, the casino will match your initial three deposits at 100%, which will give you the chance to get $1600 in bonus cash.

The casino has a long history online, as it operates since 1998, but this doesn’t mean it’s obsolete. On the contrary, the games it offers are very 2018.

When playing real-money games, customers earn casino loyalty points, which they can exchange for cash when they accumulate enough.

Third spot goes to BetWay Casino, which is a eCogra-certified website and offers customers over 500 games, 400 slots games and plethora of table games to enjoy. It uses safe and secure banking methods, offers a substantial welcome bonus and good loyalty program, but the downside is that table games hardly count towards achieved playthrough requirements for bonus withdrawal.

The second place is occupied in our top 5 by Casumo Casino, a relatively new online gambling service established in 2012 that attracts gamers from the get-go with a catchy and unique website design. Besides the visual part, gamers come here for the huge game selection (around 860 games to choose from) and the enticing welcome bonus, plus the 97.23% payout rate, which makes the website a favorite among savvy players.

And finally, the first spot goes to Spin Palace Casino, which is a fully licensed and regulated casino that offers gambler no less than 650 casino games. The online casino operates since 2001 and is also available on mobile devices with iOS or Android. Opening an account and depositing money in order to get started should take just a couple of minutes, so if you don’t have time to waste, this is the place to visit.

The great variety of slot games powered by Microgaming software (over 250 slots) is probably what most players like the most about this gambling service, coupled with the generous welcome bonus ($1000) and the high payout percentage (98%).

Besides slot games, this online casino also offers gamers blackjack, roulette, baccarat, video poker and keno, so they’ll have plenty of choices if they get bored of slot games.

Top Things to see in Washington

Washington state in America is the place where most of the power is, and surely the one state in which the whole world knows about. If ever you happen to stop by, visiting the most popular sites would be something to check out. You don’t want to miss out on the greatest history in America and have nothing to tell from your experiences. Walk among portraits, structures, books, flowers even, and let your worries go free. These places are definitely a sight worth seeing. Loaded with history and beauty it’s a place that everyone should see at least once. It’s too good of an opportunity to pass up the chance to see these. Let’s see the most loved places that everyone is talking about.

The White House

The US presidents are known to have lived in The White House which makes it so much more famous. Standing strong since the 1800s, this historic building has been renovated and lived in for hundreds of years. If you fancy a tour of The White House, make sure to contact the right people a long time in advance before your actual date. Also, make sure to not get too disappointed because tours have been known to cancel quite frequently even if you’re already there. Just look and learn at the history before you and you’re sure to have a good time.

Lincoln Memorial

There are many places to go, but the Lincoln Memorial is one of the best. You get to see a very large structure of the president Abraham sitting upon a chair. There is also some powerful wording that have been written into the wall that he spoke of. If you’re wondering when would be a good time to go and visit for yourself, anytime would be a simple answer. However, if you go in the Summer months, going at night is probably a good idea. Not only will the lights showcase the Memorial and Abraham, but the temperature is fairly reasonable and you can enjoy the fantastic array of lights upon it. It is surely a sight to look upon day or night, and is one of the most loved areas to visit. Most likely someone you know has visited here because of its popularity.

Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is actually made up of 3 buildings and is known as the biggest library in the whole world. Over 1 million books reside in here including other items such as pictures and maps and other miscellaneous pieces. Only if you have the professional position at being a researcher can you check out the books, but that shouldn’t take any of your fun away from walking among the place and seeing the beauty with your very eyes. Thomas Jefferson’s main area is also a part of this place and you can take a tour here any day except Sunday. Just make sure that you have the visiting hours correct, because each building has a different schedule.

Best Places in the World for Football Fans

When we think about sports, like football, sometimes it makes you wonder- can I go anywhere else in the world to celebrate my favourite game? Well, the answer is fairly simple- yes! If you are very passionate about football and in some cases, that is all you can think about, you are in luck! There are many places far away and maybe closer than you think that are filled with like-minded people around the globe who share the same passion for your favourite sport. Travelling is a great way to make friends and have your experience of football much more fun. You will get to see new surroundings and are sure to have new favourite players as well. Let’s take a look.

Munich, Germany

Germany should be a must-visit place on your list, for in this country, football is the most popular sport here! Munich is one of the most successful places that you can find referring to football. Even compared to the rest of the cities around the world, it still holds as one of the best. Many people use the Betway Promo Code 2018 as well to increase their chances with betting. You would fit right in, alongside others enjoying the same thing.

Liverpool, England

Liverpool is well known for their love of football. Their Liverpool Football Club has won many cups and titles, one could say they are one of the best. Back in 2017, they once made it to being known as the eighth most valuable club in the world. That in itself is a very highly honorable feat. Seeing these games is surely one to talk about for years to almost anyone that you see. No doubt over half the population of the world will have heard about it.

Glasgow, Scotland

In this city, football is considered the most popular among the people. A little fun fact is that the stadiums here are the biggest in the whole country- a lot more people come here than anywhere else in the country to group together and cheer. It was also recorded in history in the whole of Europe over how many people attended a game here. If you ever travel to Scotland, you cannot miss Glasgow.

Milan, Italy

In the history of the World Cup, Italy is one of the most successful teams that have participated. If you support the top players, you should consider visiting, for some of the best are here. Architecture is not the only thing that has charming effects, it’s also the games that will sweep you off of your feet with their great performances. Their great stadium is called Giuseppe Meazza which is not just entertaining to look at, but to also sit down and watch your favorite game!

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

If you ever happen to chance on by Brazil, be sure to stop by and give Rio De Janeiro a look! Here is where most of the fans and love for football is. The Maracana stadium is the home for the football lover in this country, and there are definitely some times where more people than expected attended. Just because it is not the biggest city in the country, it for sure does not mean that it is not the hotspot for your favourite game.

Travelling around the UK – best spots to visit

When talking about the UK, people tend to assume London is the best and only thing worth seeing there. While it’s a major tourist destination due to its vibrant nightlife and historical landmarks, there are lots of beautiful places to visit in Great Britain other than the city capital.

Our aim is to draw attention to them and give you a few ideas for the trip of your dreams in this gorgeous country. We’ll also talk a bit about London because after all, it is the capital, but that’s the not main focus of the article.

Hitting all of the destinations we’ll talk about next can be quite expensive especially if you come from overseas. You could earn some extra cash here at VIP bonus to supplement your trip budget. You’ll be able to afford nicer hotels and better food. After all, the UK is not a cheap place even outside of London.


This is probably the next most visited location in Britain after London, considering that more than 40 million people come here every year. The county is a heritage rich place attracting a certain type of tourists, namely those who want to know more about the history and architecture of this country. The second group of people who come here are those who love nature. The sheer beauty of Yorkshire can be admired by foot on its green hills or by bike on its country roads.


This is where you feel you enter an era long gone. The villages and towns of Cotswolds have lively festivals and interesting museums. It covers about 800 square miles across 5 counties: Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire. Wolds means rolling hills, so you pretty much get what you’ll be seeing here. In fact, it’s the biggest of the 38 AONBs (Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty) you will find across England and Wales.

By visiting in the winter, you escape the crowds, but you lose the amazing green scenery. It’s best to come in the summer even though you’ll have to share it with many other tourists. Still, you could reach a compromise and go in the autumn when you’ll have a quiet atmosphere and you’ll catch the amazing mix of leaf colors.


The main characteristic of this region is its 300 mile long coastline with dunes and cliffs. There are plenty of harbors dating back to the Middle Ages. Don’t miss the oak-forested creeks that are reachable by foot. You can do some water sports too, for example surfing, bodyboarding and swimming with seals. There are a few basking sharks, but they don’t pose a danger to humans.

If you love art, Cornwall is renowned for its artistic heritage. Lots of painters and sculptures lived here amazed by the majestic view of the coastline and the cerulean blue sea color in the winter.


And last, let’s dedicate a few lines to the capital city that everybody wants to see: the majestic London. Here you’ll admire colossal infrastructure projects like the Crossrail, skyscrapers like the Embassy Quarter and of course buildings that are hundreds of years old like the Buckingham Palace. No trip to London is complete without a photo of the Big Ben and the Tower Bridge, a huge bascule and suspension bridge built toward the end of the 19th century.